Graphic Vignette Tutorials

This is the raw data, and the directions are posted below.  In the members section, alternative vignettes are in pdf form for download. Schematic Design Interior Alternate Vignette BDCS Alternate Vignette Each graphic vignette in NCARB software has number of files, two of these files can be replaced in order to practice in the NCARB Read more


Building Section (CDS)  Read Directions carefully – indication for depth of concrete deck should be in this text. Read Program carefully and jot down notes to avoid flipping from screen to screen, and for checklist. Draw grade line Sketch lines to extend building elements to be drawn in section. Draw footings. Place either top or Read more


[source:] Interior Layout Vignette (3.1 and 4.0): Common Questions: Q. I’ve read that I must have a 5′ turning radius in front of the copier and worktable. Is this required? A. No. You must have space for a turning radius in each room, and it can be anywhere in the room. There are no furniture-specific Read more


Common pitfalls and tips: Not putting in grade line. Slab 6 inch above finish grade. fire walls to not extend all the way up to the underside of the roof decking.  allow for 8in for light, then mechanical space, then structure/joist.  Put top of exterior wall footings below frostline Read more


In this tutorial we cover all the Building Design and Construction Systems: Roof Plan Vignette, Stair Vignette, and Ramp Vignette: Roof Plan Graphic Vignette Tutorial Roof Scope: Upper and lower roof Clerestory requirements Roof planes Flashing Crickets Skylights Gutters HVAC Vents Fatal Errors Missing elements Clerestory location Roof planes overlap Improper roof slopes – use Read more


  Structural Systems Graphic Vignette Tips: Source: [Norman Dorf seminar ] Design as if “you are on the moon” There are no lateral forces on the moonMoon dust has no weight – but the clerestory does Provide a beam under the clerestory to support it Major Points 1. The clerestory window must be supported by a Read more


UPDATE: NCARB now has a new service, which would render this information NOT necessary, unless you want to save $10 a year.  Link to new service here: From NCARB: The ARE practice programs service is now available to all My NCARB account holders. At just $10 for an annual subscription, the new service offers easy, affordable, and Read more


Solving the graphic vignettes is just like developing buildings in adherence to a set of standards. They aren’t looking for anything fancy, just up to code and efficient space planning. Remember to keep thinking basic stuff when working out the vignette. To find the NCARB practice software for each exam (along with their respective study Read more