ARE 5.0

More ARE 5 Member Resources Coming Soon!!

Project Development & Documentation

  • PDD: This division will assess objectives related to the integration and documentation of building systems, material selection, and material assemblies into a project.
    The division will focus on issues related to the development of design concepts, evaluation of materials and technologies, selection of appropriate construction techniques, and appropriate construction documentation. Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of and abilities in integration of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and specialty systems into overall project design and documentation.

Project Planning & Design

  • PPD: This division will assess objectives related to the preliminary design of sites and buildings. The division will focus on issues related to the generation or evaluation of design alternatives that synthesize environmental, cultural, behavioral, technical and economic issues. Candidates must demonstrate an understanding of and abilities in design concepts, sustainability/environmental design, universal design, and other forms of governing codes and regulations.

What’s New?

There’s no more vignette! NO MORE VIGNETTE!! So in it’s place there are three new question types; Case Studies, Drag and Place, and Hot Spots.  You can watch these YouTube videos to learn more.

New Exam = New Materials

With the new exam, there are new study guides available.  They have been slow to roll out, as companies want to find the best way to deliver the material.   NCARB still  recommends using ARE 4.0 materials as a prep for ARE 5, we are currently providing basic information on ARE 5 with plans to expand member content. We highly recommend using several resources including AEA’s online exams and the resources pages, even ARE 4.0 materials can help you study for ARE 5.0.   Our online practice exams can help you get the feel of taking an exam on a computer, and keep you prepared for the multiple choice sections of ARE 5.  

NCARB has done a great job of providing as much information as they can to get you started in ARE 5.0.  Below are some links. You’ll want to start by reading the NCARB’s ARE 5 Handbook here:

Grading the Exams

Because the ARE is pass/fail based on how other architectural candidates perform, they need to have a aggregate of exams to ‘set the bar’.  That magic number is 600, to set a standard known as the cut score, they are now testing and grading like normal for ARE 5 after the initial 600 early test takers.  ARE 5 will not be harder or easier than ARE 4.0, its just oriented more toward how architects practice in the real world with hot spots, case studies, and different scenarios/situational quizzing. Here are the new ARE 5 pass rates, a little lower than 4.0 meaning that you really got to know your multiple choice.