How To Study

Just think of it as your new hobby The AREs involve a large time commitment. That’s why some a lot of good design professionals haven’t taken the time to get registered, even though they may be doing the day to day work of an architect. Use these tried and true tips to create a plan of action Read more


Multiple Choice Specific Suggestions Gauge your own study needs related to multiple choice exams. Some people have a better capacity for short term retention of details on a broad range of topics, and this raises the common critique that tests only measure people’s ability to take tests. To some degree this is true, and so Read more


Our model is based on a few basic common factors: 1. Preparation of construction documents is first because architects prepare a lot of CDs and have experience around the office. 2. SDP is second because it is considered an easy exam. Building confidence on these exams and building upon knowledge will help you gear up Read more


Your exam order for the ARE is something that you want to plan out.  It is important to factor in what you feel comfortable with and what your strengths are, but there are some other factors to consider when choosing a starting point. Begin by reviewing the pass rates, exam specifications, expected exam length and Read more


  ARE SECTIONS: Construction Documents & Services Construction Documents & Services (CDS) exam is an application of project management and professional practice knowledge and skills, including the preparation of contract documents and contract administration. As of July 2010, Construction Documents & Services will reference 2007 AIA Documents. CDS ALT VIGNETTE CDS EXAM CDS VIGNETTE CDS Read more