Common pitfalls and tips:
Not putting in grade line.
Slab 6 inch above finish grade.
fire walls to not extend all the way up to the underside of the roof decking. 

allow for 8in for light, then mechanical space, then structure/joist. 

Put top of exterior wall footings below frostline.

8 thoughts on “Construction Documents and Services Graphic Vignette Tutorial

  1. Isn’t the middle bearing wall footing supposed to be right below the slab and not taken down to the 5′ frost line?

  2. Thanks for this product…this is one of the best ones in the market for the price. Thank you very much for giving us old guys not only hope…but a path to success. This has been a long journey and needs to come to an end with me earning my R.A. God bless!!! //Chuck

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