4 days
– Architect issue addendum to all bidders for acceptable substitution

 7 days
– Architect issue cert of payment after Contractor applies
– Owner pays
– Contractor pays subs and suppliers
– Contractor can stop work if Architect does not issue a Contractor of Pay or Architect does not pay within 7 days
– Contractor can ask Owner proof of Financial ability before & days of Final Bid Receipt
– Written Notice needed to terminate Contract bet Owner-Architect, Owner-Contractor, Architect- Consultant
– Owner can terminate contract with Architect or Contractor w/o cause within 7 days of written notice
– Architect can terminate contract with CONSULT. w/o cause within 7 days of written notice
– Owner has 7 days to return Dwgs to Architect after termination of contract
– Architect has 7 days to return Dwgs to Consultant after termination of Contract

10 Days

– substitution for a materials, system or product to architect before the bid deadline

– Contractor has 10 days to correct work after Owner notifies
– Architect has time to review Claim

– To respond to initial decision makers’ request for additional supporting data
– Request Cert of Pay before Schedule of Value date of actual Payment

14 Days

– Super name objection by Architect or Owner
– Owner to Request for architects certificates

15 Days
– Owner has 15 days to furnish all info to Contractor or Architect for filing Lien claim

21 days
– Notifying of concealed subsurface condition

– damage discovered; notify Owner or Architect within 21 days

–  damage to each other file claim within 21 days of occurrence of problem

30 days
– Architect has 30 days to take decision on a claim- if no decision Architect/ Contractor can go for Mediation

– Either party can demand in writing within 30 days of initial decision to the other party to file for mediation     within 60 days of initial decision

– Owner and Architect go for Arbitration with 30 days of Mediation decision
– Notice given to Owner by Contractor or Architect by CONSULT. before actual insurance expires
– Contractor can terminate contract if No Fault/ Govt rule/ no Pay
– Architect / CONSULT. receives compensation after work is resumed for interruption, delay if work stopped more            than 30 days
-Final payment to the Contractor is due no later than 30 days after the issuance of the Architects final certificate for payment

30-90 days

– file lien within 30-90 days after the last work is performed or materials are installed
60 days consecutive / 120 days/ 100% schedule time in One Year work is stopped – Contractor can terminate Contract
– 60 days Mediation stays pending after date of filing
– Change of service for Architect and CONSULT. if Construction Admin Service goes beyond 60 days

90 Days

– Architect / CONSULT. can terminate Contract of work sopped 90 consecutive days
– if Bidding is not progressed after CD documents is issued Project Budget subject to modification

Reasonable Promptness

– Architect to Return Submittals/ shops
– Respond to RFI
– CONSULT to seek arbitration within reasonable time after claim

1 Year
– time to claim warranty after Substantial Completion

2 years
– suit to enforce the bond must be brought within two years from the date on which final payment under the contract is due

10 year
– Time limit on Claim after Substantial Completion




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