ARE 4.0 will be retired on JUNE 30, 2018

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Programming, Planning, & Practice

Schematic Design

Site Planning & Design

Structural Systems

Building Systems

Building Design & Construction Systems

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ARE 4.0 will be retired on JUNE 30, 2018

ARE 5.0 is here! If you are strategic and take the right ARE 4.0 exams now (CDS, PPP and SPD), you only have to take 5 division exams in total!  Follow the link for more information.  Be aware that you must finish your ARE 4.0 exams before transitioning to ARE 5.0, and you cannot go back – it’s a one way transition.  If you’ve already begun to take ARE 4.0 use the Transition Calculator to see what ARE 5.0 exams you can skip.

Pass ARE 5.0 with only 5 exams: 

Right now there is an option to pass ARE4.0 CDS, PPP, and SPD and then you can transition to ARE 5, then in ARE 5 you will only have to take 2 more exams, PPD and PDD.

This is called the 5 exam method, check with the transition calculator inside your My NCARB account to see how your ARE 4.0 credits will transfer to ARE 5.

are 4 to 5 transition-2