Are you Serious about Passing your ARE Exams and Becoming an Architect?

 Arch Exam Academy  provides you with software to practice the process of taking an exam on a computer.  We have 6 exam simulators and all vignette tutorials to make sure you are well practiced and ready for your exam.

Dear (Almost!) Architect,

If you’d like to finally get started making money as a an official architect, earning all the respect you deserve for your years of education, and your years of preparing construction documents, and your years of being a Master’s educated “intern.” If you’re ready to begin enjoying the freedom of business ownership, progressing toward real opportunities in being an architect and developer seeing your designs come to life. If you’re ready to BE an architect. It’s time to get serious about finishing your exams.

Doing all the research of finding out what to do and how to do it is the hard part.

When you sign up for Arch Exam Academy Membership, you’re getting full access to all of the member content we provide on this site.

Pass Your Exams Without Breaking The Bank

There are so many different products and materials out there designed with excellence to help you pass your exams. By all means, we encourage you to spend as much money as you possibly can if you feel it helps you prepare for and pass your exams. These sites and programs offer extensive materials that are effective, but since we’ve purchased it all to conduct our own research we can also attest that it is EXPENSIVE.

The content available here at Arch Exam Academy might not be the absolute and ultimate in study materials, but we can help you bypass all of the hard work in gathering and collating all of the free materials available on the web.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, say with confidence that we have put the utmost effort into preparing exam simulators and vignette tutorials to give you the opportunity to sit for the exams before you sit for the exams. AND with membership access, you can go through them as many times as you want or need and you can do it at your own pace.

There are no hidden fees or additional materials after the initial sign-up. Our membership cost is moderately priced and all inclusive because we want you to have the materials needed to be successful.

Not only have we researched the steps in the process, we have also researched some of the other “guides” on the market.

To top it off we have reviewed ALL the information out there, so we know with confidence that the experience we are offering you is well worth the cost. What’s more, we purposefully keep that cost as low as possible to ensure you can afford membership for as long as you need access to gather study materials, study and practice between and right before each of your exams.

Considering all the money you’re going to pay for study materials, do yourself a favor and tack on this low-low cost to make sure you can simulate the test and practice your skills before you spend the big bucks in the stressful testing center and sit for your actual exam.

We are in the business of seeing you succeed in the business of becoming an architect.

When you have the opportunity to practice and refine your skills, all of your studying efforts will be sealed and ready for the ultimate delivery of passing your exam, and at the end of the day its tough to put a price on that. That is why we make our products affordable with no hidden costs – you really can’t afford NOT to make this investment.

Purchase your Arch Exam Academy Membership

and get ready to start calling yourself an Architect

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