There is a lot of information out there on the internet to study for the exam.  I have been studying a while and have found quite a few resources and blogs.  Some just cover one section specifically or just have notes for a few sections, but you can come up with some pretty useful information.  So as a courtesy to you,  I have made a list of all the “places” on the interweb for good stuff.

New NCARB ARE 4 Community

A space where candidates can come together to ask questions, share best practices, and interact with our experts!


Communal  site for people going through exam process  (this forum was hacked and is now unaccessible, but you can reach the ftp index here: )



JennyPDX does it right!


Arch Exam Handbook

Great structural notes


Architectural Licensing Exam Preparation

ARE Seminars



ARE Overview


Funkaar Studios

“3 months not 3 years”



Also does ACT/SAT prep, has blog and forum



ARE prep



ARE prep. Your 10% off promo code is:  AREXA


Brudgers/ARE FAQ Blog

Great Site Planning Design Section.

Also called ARE FAQ?


ARE Study Review 4.0

Online Practice Questions


Critique This

This guides work is super interesting:

Intern’s Guide to Becoming an Architect

Index of 3.1 Study Materials and some newer stuff.  Similar to


LinkedIn Group


AIA’s ARE Resources


Structures Help

various structural engineering help


Wiki Engineering

ARE Structural Section Help: Youtube videos that goes through Kaplan study guide questions.


Sbyrktct’s ARE Help
(detailed descriptions of each study section)


ARE Coach
(vocal and well informed member/user of ARE Forum – created their own repository due to the fact that the ARE Forum website frequently crashes or goes offline)


Lecture from Andres Duany (9 parts total)
(great for studying the concepts of urban design and new urbanism – In my personal opinion every architect and city planner should consider this entire lecture to be mandatory.)

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